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We have used the service to test out the broker, trying to compare every aspect; Swap, Spread, Commission, Inquiries Service, Support, Deposit and Withdrawal, and all of the services of FxPro Broker and figure out what is suitable for traders.


  • Convenient deposit and withdrawal channels.
  • There is no deposit and withdrawal difference.
  • Web page system and trading system is very well set-up.
  • Response via E-mail is very good, fast chat response and helpful assistance.


  • Overall, Thailand’s service system is on average level, providing very minimal support.
  • Customer support in Thailand is poor even though there are agents available.
  • Without a wallet system would be great. Allowing to press to withdraw money immediately from that account would reduce steps, making users not confused.
  • Some withdrawals are delayed, up to a day.


Fxpro does not offer both Deposit Bonus and no No-Deposit Bonus for traders in Thailand.


FXpro offers Free VPS for Premium accounts. Paid VPS service is suitable for those who want high-speed execution that is closed to Fxpro’s servers, while the conditions for orders execution that do not require to receive orders with high speed, it is able to use VPS of anywhere.

Service server details

  • 1300 MB RAM, 1 VCPU, 25 GB Disk Space, Windows 2012
  • Linux Servers
  • $30 per month



Our spread and swap cost calculations are already charged per 1 lot open order size of Standard account (100,000 USD per 1 lot), so the value shown is in USD.

There are 3 account types of FxPro: FxPro MT4, FxPro MT5, and FxPro cTrader accounts. To assess the broker’s spreads and swaps, we conduct a test from spread check that includes commission costs, in order to compare the commission-free brokerage from all 3 types of accounts in real-time situations at different times, then averaged spread data is obtained as follows:

CurrencyFxPro (MT4)Fix Spread (MT4)
Market Execution (MT4)
FxPro (MT5)FxPro cTrader


The daily cost of holding a trader’s position when trading with FxPro is charged when opening a 1 Lot Standard (100,000 Lot) order. It shows the daily cost of holding 1 Lot Standard account size as follows;


Spread and Swap comparisons of all brokers can be viewed to create a trading strategy. Build your own trading advantage here.

3. Commission FxPro


FxPro has been established since 2006, it is a long-standing broker. It has developed its own approach such as cTrade specialized trading service and has built reputation and credibility from being a sponsor with racing programs and sports sponsorship in many countries. Fxpro Broker is a highly trusted international broker.

FxPro is financially registered with the country in which its offices are located with the following information:

  • FxPro UK Limited is licensed by the FCA.
  • FxPro Financial Services Ltd. Licensed by Cysec
  • FxPro Financial Services Ltd. Licensed by FSCA
  • FxPro Global Markets Ltd. Licensed by SCB
  • FxPro Financial Services Ltd. Licensed by BaFin
  • FxPro Financial Services Ltd. Licensed by ACPR
  • FxPro Financial Services Ltd. Licensed by CNMV

In addition to the aforementioned, FxPro is registered with over 25 other supported regions.


Broker account opening can be done through the Platform. However, there is a support service available as well. You can contact the Support staff via E-mail and Chat support.

1. FxPro Forex Account Opening Documents

Documents required to open a trading account with FxPro Broker include:

  1. Identity verification documents is either ID card or Passport.
  2. The address verification document must be the same as the address shown on the identity card, it is recommended to use a bank statement or the latest utility bills.

2. FXPRO Account types

There are 4 types of FxPro Forex trading accounts for MT4 with different pros and cons, and features designed to allow traders to choose based on their strategy and capital characteristics. Here are some comparisons:

The table shows the account types of FxPro Forex Account

FXPRO Support Service

We conducted a test communication with support via chat and make an assessment according to the criteria; able to fix the problem, promptness of service, problem solving intention, not just sending links to read to acquire answers. Therefore, we have reviewed the broker and found the following service problems:

The Support staff’s response is fast.
  • The Support Staff responds almost instantly to messages via Live Chat.
  • When starting a conversation, the message box will notify the start of Chat to the traders.
The staff sent the link for traders to read themselves.
  • For inquiries, the staff sends a link for traders to read by themselves.
  • The staff does not answer questions to the point.
General questions is well-answered.
  • The staff explains thoroughly the procedures and processes.
  • The details of the answers provided are quite comprehensive.
Some of the questions are answered to the point and have additional details to read.
  • For general questions, straightforward answers are provided.
  • In addition to answering questions, a link is sent for traders to additionally read.

“Overall, the disadvantages of FxPro’s support are restrictions on the use of Thai language. In English, there is a support service available 24 hours a day.”

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