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We have used the service to test out the broker, trying to compare every aspect; Swap, Spread, Commission, Inquiries Service, Support, Deposit and Withdrawal, and all of the services of FBS Broker and figure out what is suitable for traders.


  • Very simple application process
  • Quick account opening
  • support staff helps solve problems well. Even after leaving the chat for a long time, the staff do not disappear (It works well because sometimes the traders have to solve the problem as well, so they tend to leave the chat room unattended)
  • Live chat with staff is available 24 hours from Monday to Friday and Saturday to Sunday, while English is 24/7
  • If traders have previously applied and traded, and stop trading for more than 90 days, they do not need to submit new identity documents. The broker will use the same documents submitted in which the support can check from E-mail. **Must use the same email address that has already been applied.
  • Retrieving a retained account is very fast, taking no more than 2 minutes, which is considered well done.

  • Able to withdraw money from each account up to 15,000 USD per day, which is considered a lot.

  • Offering Crypto Account: Traders can use the account for cryptocurrency trading.


  • As for assistance, prior to reaching Support staff, traders have to go through a chat bot first, which is considered inconvenient.
  • For Live chat, if traders keep the screen on for a long time and there is no movement, the FBS web page will appear as #Your current session will expire in a specified time, which requires traders to login again. It’s inconvenient to use as traders have to keep logging in again.
  • High deposit and withdrawal rate (over 6% difference)
  • Unable to clarify information about the lack of traders’ money protection in case of company closure. Traders have to review the traders’ agreement and contract terms here https://cdn.fbs.co.th/docs/agreement_th.pdf
  • Initial deposit is set in numbers (amount), for example, an ECN account a minimum of $1000 must be deposited, but in reality, there is no specified amount.
  • Caution: When opening the trading platform. For example, an ECN account will freeze and open the first Lot for 1.0. If traders don’t see it, the traders might press open immediately, causing a high lot to be sent.
  • For ECN accounts, traders are not able to transfer 0.66 $ fractional. But other types of account can be transferred.


1. No Deposit Bonus

Trading Bonus: No-deposit trading bonus of $100 is available. The entire $100 bonus can be withdrawn when trading 5 Lots in a 30-day period, the order volume is 0.01 lot.

2. Deposit Bonus

Deposit Bonus 100%: Up to $10,000 on Cent account, Standard account, Micro account, or Zero Spread account, set the number of lots to trade, e.g. deposit $100, get $100 bonus, 33 lots must be traded.


The conditions for using FBS’s Free VPS service are as follows:

  • A deposit of at least $450

  • Trade at least 3 Lots within the first month of use.

  • Stay active with VPS, only trade at least 3 lots (1 lot on Cent account = 0.01 standard lot) each month.

  • If less than 3 Lots are traded per month, FBS will charge $33 in the following month, to be deducted from the account.



Our spread and swap cost calculations are already charged per 1 lot open order size of Standard account (100,000 USD per 1 lot), so the value shown is in USD.

There are 5 types of FBS accounts: Standard account, Micro account, Cent account, Zero spread account, and ECN account. To assess the broker’s spread and swap, we asessment a test the spread check including commission cost to compare with commission-free brokerage from all 5 types of accounts in real-time situations at different times, then averaged spread data is obtained as follows:

CurrencyMicroStandardZero spreadECN


The daily cost of holding a trader’s position when trading with FBS is charged when opening a 1 Lot Standard (100,000 Lot) order. It shows the daily cost of holding 1 Lot Standard account size as follows:


Spread and Swap comparisons of all brokers can be viewed to create a trading strategy. Build your own trading advantage here.



FBS Broker has been established since 2009. FBS gradually grew up and earned many awards for being a Forex trading service provider. For example, Best Broker in Asia. Today, FBS offers trading services that cover a wide range of products including currencies, valuable metals, stock market index, and stock index.

FBS is a sponsored brokerage (sponsorship) of FC Barcelona.

FBS is financially registered with the country in which its office is located with the following information:

  • FBS Martkets Inc. is registered in Belize, licensed by the IFSC.

However, FBS Broker does not offer services in Japan, USA, Canada, UK, Myanmar, Brazil, Malaysia, Israel, and Iran, a total of 9 countries.


Opening an FBS Broker account can be done through the Platform. However, there are support services available as well which can be contacted through Support.

1. FBS Forex Account Opening Documents

Documents required to open a trading account with FBS Broker include:

    1. Identity verification documents is ID card or passport.
    2. The address verification document must match the address shown on the identity card, a copy of the house registration is recommended.

2. FBS Account Types

There are several types of FBS Forex trading accounts with different pros and cons and different features, designed to allow traders to choose according to their strategy and capital leverage up to 1:3000. FBS order execution system includes STP and ECN accounts which enable fast execution of orders.

The table shows the account types of FBS Forex Account


FBS accounts include commission fees for their services, Zero Spread accounts, and ECN accounts. You can find a comparison of the pros and cons between other brokers on the Forex Broker Comparison page.

FBS Support Service

We conducted a test communication with Support via chat and made an assessment according to the criteria; able to fix the problem, promptness of service, problem-solving intention, not just sending links to read to acquire answers. Therefore, we have reviewed the broker and found the following service problems:


Live Chat allows direct inquiries
  • No Chat Bot to receive traders’ response.
  • Inquire to the staff directly, having around 1 minute wait-time.
Response is slightly slow.
  • The staff responded quite late.
  • Staff leaves the chat room unattended.
Answering questions straight to the point
  • The staff answers questions straight to the point.
  • The staff does not provide any additional information.

“Overall, the disadvantages of FBS’s Support are; not answering questions clearly and often send links to read by yourself.”

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